Adam Peaty Makes History by Becoming Two-time Olympic Champion

Adam Peaty has made history on July 26 as he becomes the first British swimmer who obtained an Olympic title. He won the 100m breaststroke title and now owns 16 fastest times. This race was the fifth quickest one. He is unbeaten over two lengths since 2014 and has an outstanding four European, two Commonwealth, and three World titles. Now he has also double Olympic gold titles.

He said it is a huge relief, and he has been working hard to prove himself within 57 seconds. He was under that pressure and has shown many times that he can perform faster through the rounds.

Peaty’s Hard Work for Years

Peaty has not always been such marvelous in the sport as he is now. When he was 14 years old, his front crawl was not good, and his coach Mel Marshall used to send him towards the slow lane. The breaststroke of Peaty had a different story, and he always had the best performance with the breaststroke. In the final, his world record was not at all threatened as he won it, and the silver medal went to the Arno Kamminga. He has been practicing breaststroke for years and now has set a new standard, said the Dutch athlete Kamminga.

He also said that if one sees the performance of Peaty, they will know that he is perfect even in smaller details. This is pushing Arno Kamminga to completely strive for perfection. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington stated that Peaty is just phenomenal, and there are not many excellent swimmers like Adam Peaty to see.

The build-up to the Olympic Games had not been that effortless. A year’s delay due to the Covid-19 outbreak led him to install a flume pool in the garden of his residence as all facilities were shut at that time. This rigorous practice has been quite worthy. Peaty said that the past 18 months were very dark, and the Covid infection took all the fun out of things.

Peaty became a father in September 2020, and he said that he got that emotional energy from being a father. He added that every day, he would look at his son and leave for training, and all the time he left the family in difficult situations has been worth it. There is still plenty of opportunities to come for Peaty. He will finish his career with a huge collection of medals like the ones owned by athlete Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps.

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