Aerospace Tapes Market Insights, Overview, Analysis and Forecast 2021-2026

Market Research Engine has published a new report titled asAerospace Tapes Market by Resin Type (Acrylic, Rubber, Silicone), Backing Material (Paper/Tissue, Film, Foam), End-use Industry (Commercial Aviation, Military Aviation, General Aviation), and Geography – Global Forecast to 2021-2026.”

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Aerospace tapes offer pressure sensitive adhesive solutions for sound/vibration damping, bonding, and protection of parts in the aerospace engineering. Aerospace tapes are exploited in new plan construction as well as aircraft renovation. Aerospace tapes are pigeonholed by excellent resistance to fluids, chemicals, abrasion, UV and high temperatures, to proposal solutions for a range of aerospace applications. Acrylic is commonly used resin for producing aerospace tapes due to its good physical & chemical properties, and lower cost. There is a variability of aerospace tapes available commercially which contains low outgassing material tapes, antihigh friction materials, long and short-term surface protection, speciality masking tapes, glass cloth sealing tapes, sound dampening foil tapes, thermal management tapes, and electrically conductive tapes, among others. But, a shortage of profitable airlines in developing economies and concentrated defense spending in advanced economies are anticipated to restrain the development of the market.

Global Aerospace Tapes market report covers various regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of World. The regional Aerospace Tapes market is further bifurcated for major countries including U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and others.

On the basis of Resin Type, the global Aerospace Tapes market is segregated as, Acrylic, Rubber, Silicone and Others (EVA, butyl). Global Aerospace Tapes market is segmented based on the Backing Material as, Film, Foam, Paper/tissue and Others (foil, glass cloth, and cloth). On the basis of End User, the global Aerospace Tapes market is segregated as, Commercial aviation, Military aviation and General aviation.

Report scope:

The global Aerospace Tapes market report covers detailed study with the underlying influencing factors for the variations in the industry growth trends. The report scope includes market analysis on regional as well as country level.

Research Methodology:

To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of Aerospace Tapes market manufacturers. The revenue generated from the sales of Aerospace Tapes manufacturer has been calculated through primary and secondary research.

The market size estimation also considered leading players revenues as part of triangulation the key players considered are 3M Company (US), Nitto Denko Corporation (Japan), Avery Dennison Corporation (US), tesa SE (Germany), Scapa Group plc (UK), Intertape Polymer Group (Canada), Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A. (France), Berry Global, Inc. (US), Advance Tapes International (UK), Stokvis Tapes BV (Netherlands), Shurtape Technologies, LLC (US), DeWAL Industries (US), MBK Tape Solutions (US), GERGONNE – The Adhesive Solution (France), Adhesives Research, Inc. (US), American Biltrite Inc. (US), Can-Do National Tape, Inc. (US), Av-DEC, Inc. (US), JTAPE Limited (UK), Fralock Innovative Materials Manufacturing & Automation (US), UltraTape (US), and Mask-Off Company, Inc. (US)` among others operating in the Aerospace Tapes market across the globe identified through secondary research and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top vendors in the market. The market size calculation also includes types of segmentation determined using secondary sources and verified through primary sources.

The Aerospace Tapes Market has been segmented as below:

Aerospace Tapes Market, By Resin Type

  • Acrylic
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Others (EVA, butyl)

Aerospace Tapes Market, By Backing Material

  • Film
  • Foam
  • Paper/tissue
  • Others (foil, glass cloth, and cloth)

Aerospace Tapes Market, By End User

  • Commercial aviation
  • Military aviation
  • General aviation

Aerospace Tapes Market, By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of World

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Table of Contents:

  1.  Introduction
    1.1.    Key Points
    1.2.    Report Description
    1.3.    Markets Covered
    1.4.    Stakeholders
  2.  Research Methodology
    2.1.    Research Scope
    2.2.    Market Research Process
    2.3.    Research Data Analysis
    2.3.1.    Secondary Research
    2.3.2.    Primary Research
    2.3.3.    Models for Estimation
    2.4.    Market Size Estimation
    2.4.1.    Bottom-Up Approach
    2.4.2.    Top-Down Approach
  3.  Executive Summary
  4.  Aerospace Tapes Market, By Resin Type
    4.1.    Key Points
    4.2.    Acrylic
    4.2.1.    Market Overview
    4.2.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    4.3.    Rubber
    4.3.1.    Market Overview
    4.3.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    4.4.    Silicone
    4.4.1.    Market Overview
    4.4.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    4.5.    Others
    4.5.1.    Market Overview
    4.5.2.    Market Size & Forecast
  5.  Aerospace Tapes Market, By Backing Material
    5.1.    Key Points
    5.2.    Film
    5.2.1.    Market Overview
    5.2.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    5.3.    Foam
    5.3.1.    Market Overview
    5.3.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    5.4.    Paper/tissue
    5.4.1.    Market Overview
    5.4.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    5.5.    Others
    5.5.1.    Market Overview
    5.5.2.    Market Size & Forecast
  6.  Aerospace Tapes Market, By End User
    1.1.    Key Points
    1.2.    Commercial aviation
    1.2.1.    Market Overview
    1.2.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    1.3.    Military aviation
    1.3.1.    Market Overview
    1.3.2.    Market Size & Forecast
    1.4.    General aviation
    1.4.1.    Market Overview
    1.4.2.    Market Size & Forecast
  7.  Aerospace Tapes Market, By Region
    7.1.    North America
    7.1.1.    North America Industrial Floor Coating, By Resin Type
    7.1.2.    North America Industrial Floor Coating, By Backing Material
    7.1.3.    North America Industrial Floor Coating, By End User
    7.1.4.    By Country    U.S    Canada    Mexico
    7.2.    Europe
    7.2.1.    Europe Industrial Floor Coating, By Resin Type
    7.2.2.    Europe Industrial Floor Coating, By Backing Material
    7.2.3.    Europe Industrial Floor Coating, By End User
    7.2.4.    By Country    U.K    Germany    Italy    France    Rest of Europe
    7.3.    Asia Pacific
    7.3.1.    Asia Pacific Industrial Floor Coating, By Resin Type
    7.3.2.    Asia Pacific Industrial Floor Coating, By Backing Material
    7.3.3.    Asia Pacific Industrial Floor Coating, By End User
    7.3.4.    By Country    China    Australia    Japan    South Korea    India    Rest of Asia Pacific
    7.4.    Rest of World
    7.4.1.    Rest of World Industrial Floor Coating, By Resin Type
    7.4.2.    Rest of World Industrial Floor Coating, By Backing Material
    7.4.3.    Rest of World Industrial Floor Coating, By End User


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