Pfizer to Seek US Authorization for Third Vaccine Dose

Pfizer is going to seek the authorization of the US for the Covid-19 vaccine third dose. On Thursday, the company said that the third shot in 12 months could boost the immunity way more and will help in eliminating the latest coronavirus mutant. As per the research from several countries, Pfizer vaccines offer strong protection against the infectious delta variant, which is rapidly spreading across the globe.

Two doses of the vaccine are required to develop higher levels of antibodies for fighting against all coronavirus versions. However, antibodies will also wane over time, so researchers are going on to tell when boosters might be required.

On July 8, Dr. Mikael Dolsten of Pfizer said that early data from the booster study of the company suggests antibody levels of people increased five to tenfold after receiving the third dose. He said that Pfizer is planning to ask the FDA for emergency authorization of the vaccine’s third dose in August.

Dolsten pointed to the reports from Israel and Britain showing that the Pfizer vaccine neutralizes the highly contagious delta variant effectively. He said that when antibodies decrease low enough, then the delta variant would eventually cause a mild infection, and a third dose will be better.

The Third Dose Would be a Big Effort

FDA authorization would be the initial step, but that does not mean that Americas will be given boosters immediately, cautioned the vaccine expert Dr. William Schaffner. Public health authorities will decide if there is a need for a third dose or not since numerous people have not got any protection. He said that the vaccines are created to keep people away from hospitalization despite the presence of contagious delta variant.

Providing another dose will be a big effort while most of the people are striving for the first dose, he said. Presently only around 48 percent of the US population is completely vaccinated, and many of the country’s part have still low immunization rates. In some parts, the delta variant is growing at a faster pace.

On July 8, the director of CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said that there are two truths. There are America’s highly immunized swaths where people are getting back to normal. And then there are other places where hospitalizations are increasing. She said that the sudden rise of cases is troubling. The delta variant earlier had accounted for just some new cases in the US, but now it is over 50 percent. In some places, the cases are as much as 80 percent.

Efficacy of Pfizer Vaccine

Researchers in Britain discovered that the Pfizer vaccine’s two doses are 96 percent effective against hospitalization due to delta variant. Moreover, it is 88 percent protective against symptomatic infections. This finding was echoed by the Canadian researchers, whereas a report from Israel showed that the protection against the delta variant infection has declined to 64 percent. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert, has said that people who are vaccinated have an extremely high degree of protection.

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