Murray’s Wimbledon Campaign Ended as Denis Shapovalov Shines

Wimbledon Campaign of Andy Murray has ended for 2021 after Denis Shapovalov takes down the player’s challenge in the Centre Court Clash. The two-time former champion Murray insists that retirement is not in his mind. However, a 6-4 6-2 6-2 loss to the 10th seed Denis Shapovalov was a reminder of his present place in the tennis pecking order. Murray, after hip resurfacing surgery, got another chance in his career with a Wimbledon return which was on the top position on the list of his priorities. The match was the first appearance of Murray in the singles since 2017, which was the year where Murray was the last defending champion.

Earlier in 2021, the former world No.1 said that he could win the tournament again for the third time. But by the 2022 championship, Murray will be 35, and many doubt that whether he will still be playing or not. Murray came into this fortnight by remaining 118th in the rankings. Shapovalov and Murray went off for the second set of the contest in the south-west London, but Murray was not able to show the super strength this time, and the opponent of Murray Shapovalov raced to victory.

The first set of the match was where Murray found a Spark and pulled back from 5-1 to 5-4. The crowd also started to believe that this was the day for Murray again. Even Murray believed it, too, but the second set of the match proved a step too far for the world champion of 2013 and 2016. Murray will represent Great Britain in the upcoming Olympics, but his chances to become a grand slam contender are pretty much over. His career has remained spectacular. When he departed Centre Court, there was a familiar ovation.

Shapovalov After the Match

Denis Shapovalov rammed down an ace on the match point, and after the end of the match, he said that it was a dream come true for him. He further added that he had put countless years of effort into practice so that he could play on Centre Court and play against the legend Andy Murray. Murray is an inspiration to many, including him, and has done many exceptional works.

Shapovalov told Murray at the net that Murray is the hero for him. He added that in the second match, he felt like vintage Andy was back, thereby leading to a lot of excitement as the match was highly intense. In appreciation to Murray, Shapovalov said that even after having an injury, Murray played great, and it will be amazing to see what he can do further in sports.

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