Rapid growth makes Amazon leader in streaming video market

According to a survey by a top consumer market research firm, in just a span of six years, Amazon has risen from worst to first in the video streaming industry.

Parks Associates, in its annual survey of the smart TV and streaming box market, revealed that Amazon, which had a low share of 12 percent in the streaming video market in 2015, soared to 36 percent share during the first quarter of this year.

Amazon shares this position with Roku, which also has 36 percent of the market, followed by Apple at 12 percent, Chromecast at 8 percent and all others combining at 6 percent.

While Amazon has seen a rise in market share since 2025, Google’s Chromecast has experienced a serious downfall from its high point in that year of 21 percent.

However, Chromecast’s standing could change. “Our results were first quarter survey results,” explained Parks’ analyst Paul Erickson.

“The new Chromecast for TV wasn’t launched until the end of the year so it’s still early to see how that will impact the Google user base. We may not see that impact for a quarter or two,” he told Tech News World.

“The stats we’re seeing are very U.S.-centric, which is a base of Amazon’s strength. It might be different if we were looking at Europe or somewhere else,” he cautioned.

A contributing factor to Amazon’s rise in the streaming ranks has been its aggressive marketing, he continued.

“Plus, they run one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. It’s a huge venue for them to market their devices,” he said.

“They’re not just capturing their Prime subscriber base with these devices,” he added. “They’re capturing a lot of general consumers that shop on Amazon and see the devices offered at a discounted price or they see it bundled with something they want at a discounted price.”

IDC analyst Adam Wright sees three contributors to Amazon’s success in the streaming market: its content and services strategy, its hardware strategy and its leveraging of its broader smart home ecosystem and brand.

“Over the past few years, Amazon has done an excellent job in building a user-friendly streaming platform that delivers a wide range of channels and content – to the point where any previous major competitive edge or difference between Amazon and competitors like say Roku have been whittled down,” he told Tech News World.

“Amazon has built an attractive portfolio of streaming content — both original content via Prime Video and third-party content — and it has also partnered with the right streaming platforms like HBO and Paramount and a plethora of others to deliver content that consumers are interested in,” he said.

But Amazon’s success also lies beyond just the Fire TV streaming platform and streaming content, he added. Amazon has done an exceptional job in developing its own hardware that is constantly being updated with new features, including things like 4K capabilities, HDR and Dolby Atmos for better picture and sound quality.

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