Donald Trump Organization CFO Surrenders to the Authorities to Face Tax Charges

The chief financial officer of Donald Trump’s organization surrendered himself to the New York authorities to face the charges regarding state tax. A jury indicated that the CFO and his employer should be prepared to face a criminal case against Trump’s company. The 73-year-old CFO Allen Weisselberg went through a freight entrance in order to avoid press waiting for his arrival at Manhattan’s criminal court on July 1. Further, the representatives of the Trump organization and Allen are expected to appear in District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.’s office.

The exact charges Weisselberg are going to be revealed later, but the charges are expected to involve several unpaid taxes on benefits. Trump’s name may not get included in the charges, but Weisselberg can be pressured to cooperate against his employer. The cooperation could result in a more expansive case in opposition to the company and elevate the prospect of a politically charged prosecution of Trump.

The trial is likely to be before 2022, in which the Weisselberg can decide whether to fight against the charges or plead guilty and possibly make a deal with prosecutors. Mr. Allen has remained as Trump’s executive for almost four decades and has a great insight into the business deals and finances of the former president.

The case would be a Political Disaster

Trump has slammed the probe of Vance and said it is politically motivated. He said that they would do everything to stop him and the MAGA movement, referring to the campaign with the slogan Make America Great Again. Jason Miller, the senior adviser of Donald Trump, tweeted on June 30 that a case against the CFO would be a political disaster for Democrats as it did not include Donald Trump at all.

Ronald Fischetti, Trump Organization lawyer, said that the case of the district attorney appeared thin. He also added that in his more than 50 years of experience, he has never seen the office of district attorney targeting a company with compensation to employees or fringe benefits. The IRS has never bought a case similar to this. However, some of the legal experts have stated that the charges against the CFO raise the potential legal jeopardy for the former president. Jeremy Temkin, the former prosecutor, has expressed that it may not be the strongest case against the Donald Trump organization, but it may be the strongest case against Weisselberg.

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