Only Foreign Scientist at Wuhan Lab Before the Covid-19 Outbreak Speaks Out

Danielle Anderson, the only foreign scientist working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology before the outbreak of Covid-19, has said there is no possibility of the deadly coronavirus coming from the laboratory. However, she believes that the virus named SARS-CoV-2 came most likely from a natural source. The Australian virologist undertook research weeks before the coronavirus cases emerged in China, and she still wonders about what she missed there.

Anderson is an expert in bat-borne viruses and worked at the BSL-4 lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology which handles the deadliest pathogens. Anderson’s stint ended in November 2019, and she gives an insider’s perspective on a particular place that is suspected as the origin of the deadly coronavirus. However, Anderson said she is not naïve enough to tell that she completely writes this off, and she is not surprised that no one found bat responsible for the coronavirus outbreak to date.

She also said the Wuhan facility in China is large, and it is impossible to know about the activities of everyone towards 2019 end. Moreover, she acknowledged that she is aware of the few published pieces of research from the laboratory that included testing viral component characteristics to infect human cells.

Never Fallen Sick

In the Statement, the scientist said that if anyone was sick in the lab, then she would have also been ill, but she was not. Anderson had a coronavirus test in Singapore before getting the vaccination and said that she never had it. Many of her colleagues also traveled to Singapore in December 2019 for the collection of the Nipah virus. But no one ever gossiped about the coronavirus topic and never had any chatter. She stated that she never noticed anything strange, and from her point of view, if anything would have happened, then she would have got any hint at least.

Yet, she told the reporters that she is convinced coronavirus is not intentionally made to infect people and released among the masses. World Health Organization has created a task force to study the origin of coronavirus, and China is under pressure from nations across the globe to allow WHO for conducting the second study.

Anderson has suggested that the scientists and researchers working at the lab have to show competency in their knowledge of containment measures and wearing air-pressured suits. She called all the procedures extremely extensive. Still, she suggests that there is a need for investigation and inquiry to find the exact origin of the virus and settle the matter.

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