The US may witness a very dense outbreak of the Delta variant.

The United States of America is now gradually recovering from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, it seems that the country may likely deal with another new outbreak. As per the FDA- Food and Drug Administration’s former commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, some parts of the country might witness massive outbreaks of the Delta variant. 

He said that the new Delta variant outbreaks could be hyper-regionalized and, in some areas, there can be massive outbreaks. Speaking about the most vulnerable parts, these will be the areas with lower immunity rates as well as lower vaccination rates. As per the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccination rates in most of the southern states are not impressive, increasing the risk of the new variants of COVID-19. 

As per Dr. Gottlieb, the governors of those areas need to put their efforts into building health care resources in regions where the risk is more.  

Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas, a state where the hospitalization rate is more than 30 percent, has expressed great concern over the Delta variant as well as low vaccination rates. He said that the new COVID-19 variant is a major concern for the country. It has started affecting the daily cases as well as hospitalization rates. He also informed that the state has a high vaccine hesitancy rate. But, on the other hand, people are not accepting the efficacy rate of the vaccines.  

It may be noted that the new Delta variant was first found in India. But now, it has been discovered in more than 49 US states and Washington DC. As per the experts, this variant transmits quite faster and is very severe. 

As per a report, around 99 percent of new COVID-19 cases in the UK are related to the new Delta variant. However, Dr. Gottlieb informed that the United States is a few months behind the United Kingdom to experience the Delta variant. 

The US is now observing the condition of the UK, and the current impact is not the same. However, the hospitalization rate is increasing gradually. And this may not be a good sign. The majority of people are those who have not taken the vaccine. Only 8 percent of fully vaccinated people are in the hospital right now. So, it is important to put effort into vaccination and to improve the immunity power. However, in terms of death and causing serious illness, the variant doesn’t have the same impact. 

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