Portland Trail Blazers to hire Chauncey Billups as their coach

As per the latest reports, the Portland Trail Blazers have chosen Chauncey Billups as their next coach. The official sources said that the team signed a five-year agreement with Billups, the former assistant of the LA Clippers. He will be introduced on Tuesday during a news conference that will be organized in Portland.

Andy Miller from Klutch Sports, Billups’ agent, and Neil Olshey, Blazers president of basketball operations, finalized the deal on Sunday. As per the source, Billups was offered the job by the Blazers on Friday, and the team had been looking forward to replacing Terry Stotts, the former coach. 

The step taken by the team will help the Blazers to maximize their prime years of Damian Lillard’s career by taking up the team from the deeper runs in the Western Conference match. It may be noted that Portland has advanced to two semifinals and one final in the Lillard -Olshey-Stotts era. 

When Jody Allen, the Blazers chair, and Olshey met with Chauncey Billups on Wednesday in Seattle, they thought he was the ideal candidate for the team.

As per the report, before taking the final decision and offering him the formal offer, the team investigated a rape allegation registered against Billups. However, there were no criminal charges against him, and Billups settled the lawsuit. 

Even though he had been proposed multiple times for some high-level NBA leadership roles, including the role of Cleavland Cavaliers basketball operations president, the Blazers used different sources to know about the allegation related to Billups’ rookie session. 

As per the official sources, Billups’ answers in multiple conversations with the officials from the Blazers match the findings of the officials obtained from the independent investigation. They didn’t find anything that can disqualify him from taking the new job role of the team. 

In a statement, Billups said that Portland is a unique franchise and a special place. As a NAB player, he loved playing here. Now, he is getting ready to explore the new side and will engage with the community on a new level. 

The Portland Trail Blazers plans to perform well under the direction of Billups. He has served one session as an assistant with the LA Clippers and worked under highly experienced coaching staff. Later, Billups replaced Stotts. He was the MV of the NBA Finals 2004 and a five-time NBA All-Star. 

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