US President Backs Funds on Hiring Cops to Combat the Crime Wave

US president Joe Biden revealed a plan for funding more police in order to fight against the surge in homicides case across the nation. As per him, the crime rate is growing due to lax gun control. Mr. Biden said that the officials present in high crime areas could hire more cops utilizing the coronavirus relief funding. The crime-fighting strategy of the president calls for restricting the gun dealers and trafficking of firearms. According to Republicans, Mr. Biden’s democrats are extremely weak in controlling crime rates.

On June 23, the president announced his five-point strategy and urged cities as well as states to utilize $350bn of Covid-19 relief aid funding on public safety, including the addition of law-enforcement personnel. Mr. Biden said it means more nurses, police officers, counselors, social workers, and more community violence interrupters for resolving problems before they turn into crimes.

During his speech in the White House, Joe Biden also targeted armed insurrectionists by saying that they would require F-15s and some nuclear weapons to fight against the US government. The administration of Mr. Biden has proposed gun control for restricting violent crimes. Even though the government has planned but the Democratic bills to limit access of Americans to firearms have been obstructed by the Republicans. The strategy of administration is also focussing on investing more in programmes of community violence intervention, creating employment opportunities and activities for young adults as well as teenagers.

The strategy administration is emphasizing supporting former imprisoned Americans for re-entering their communities. At the White House, Mr. Biden hosted many big city mayors for discussing on prevention of crime.

Escalation of Crime Rates in the US

FBI released preliminary statistics in March 2021, which showed that the 25 percent murder rate increased in 2020 compared to a year earlier, and the rates are continuing upwards in 2021. The former CIA analyst and co-founder of AH Datalytics, Jeff Asher, stated that it was the large-scale rise in violence. As per Mr. Asher, evidence is there that the Americans carried firearms more often in the year 2020. Gun sales increased in 2020, and the reports of domestic violence cases too.

Mr. Asher said the data of the reason for such murders in 2020 is still not known. But in the year 2019, almost 74 percent of homicides happened were related to the gun. The Department of Justice has announced a team for tackling gun trafficking in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

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