Migrant children suffering from depression, overcrowding, and spoiled food in US Shelter

Migrant children are in emergency shelters within the United States. They have reported living in an overcrowded environment with a lack of clean clothes and struggles with depression. Seventeen testimonials have filed in court on Monday.

The children in age group 9-17 and largely from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and in some cases the people are waiting for months inside the shelters while struggling with the conditions, including the inability to contact family members and trouble sleeping under the bright lights.

The testimonials provide a look into the situation under a network of emergency shelters. Joe Biden has to deal with a huge number of migrant children arriving from the US- Mexico border. In recent months the US government trying to move the children more quickly from the overcrowded patrol stations into an emergency shelter. This effort is to connect them with family members.

Now more than 14,590 children are currently in the care of the United States department of health and human services, and it was 22,000 in April.

Big problems for the children

In one testimonial, a 13-year oil girl says that she was on a suicide watch list at an emergency shelter in Texas.  This girl has spent more than one month at the facilities, and she was separated from her father while crossing a river.  She also says the food is terrible, and foul odour coming from the bread.

A 17 years old girl says she is living in a large white tent with three hundred girls. She said it is hard to sleep due to the noise of the tent’s metal made at night. Cold and dirt also come into the test, and she’s struggling with depression but can’t get an appointment with a counsellor. “so many girls cry here a lot, and some of them talk about cutting themselves,” she says.

The new variant of coronavirus has stopped the ease of the restrictions as it is spreading at a very faster rate. It is showing even more dangerous symptoms than the initial phase of the coronavirus. The US government is trying their best to deal with this situation and to come up with a solution to overcome the problems in the shelters.

The government is trying to manage the shelters in a better way, and a team is now supervising the food and other problems of the migrant children.

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