Don’t count on Covid boosters shot- WHO

Government officials are preparing for covid-19 booster shots to fight against the new variant of the virus. The health authorities still in doubt about what would be the perfect time to give it. World health organization’s Chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan says that they have no information that will help them to understand the need for a Covid booster.

This can be a premature call when most of the individual has not completed their first dose of vaccine says, Swaminathan. The covid-19 booster shot may work for people with very weak immunity. The delta variant of the coronavirus virus was first located in India, and it has now a big problem for other countries.  Due to the outbreak of the Delta variant, the UK is planning to delay lifting the restrictions.

Tweaking shots

Again a more transmissible variant of coronavirus was located in South Africa, and the body needs a higher antibody level to fight it. The vaccine including Pfizer inc. and Moderna Inc. to test if their shots can provide better immunity to fight against this virus.

According to the preclinical research by the scientists at the Gaithersburg and the Maryland school of medicine, one dose of Novavax Inc. may provide enough protection against the beta variant of coronavirus. So far, the US is using vaccines to fight against beta, Delta and two other variants of the coronavirus.

The future

Collins says booster is not for today, but it can surely help in the future at some point. If new Variants of the coronavirus pop up then, the booster might be here sooner. The existing vaccines may not provide protection against these new variants. That is why the world will see a new booster soon.

At a minimum, Vaccines are only to protect against hospitalization, death, and ICU admission, according to the director of the vaccine education centre at the children’s hospital in Philadelphia. A combination of vaccines may offer better and longer immunity to people.

Malaysia is considering giving a combination of AstraZeneca and Pfizer shots to speed up the vaccination process and to finish the vaccination by the end year.  Swaminathan says the combination is working well, and the country with a shortage of one dose can consider different platform vaccine. With increasing cases of the delta variant of the virus, the countries are boosting the vaccination process as it is the only solution to fight against the deadly coronavirus.

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