EU lifts travel restrictions for Americans despite the spread of delta

Europe lifted travel restrictions for the US people and took a step forward normalcy despite the spread of the Delta variant of coronavirus. The countries such as Albania, Hong Kong, Macau, Lebanon, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Taiwan are allowing travel without any restrictions. This new rule will take place within few days, says the official journal of the European Union.

Some of the European Union members say to already allow vaccinated Americans. This strategy will be beneficial for the major carriers such as Air France-KLM and Deutsche Lufthansa. Long-distance travel has suffered a lot by the travel restrictions. This decision was indeed good news for the economics of the European Union and all partners of the travel supply chain, says Martin Ferguson. Martin is the vice president of public affairs at the corporate travel agency, and he thinks it will boost the bookings.

About the US reciprocity

The traffic restrictions across the Atlantic City haven’t been restored properly yet, and the ban on Europeans from visiting is still on the table. The European Union is requesting Biden’s administration to compromise by lifting the restrictions got its citizen as the number of coronavirus infections falls, and the vaccination process is going on sharply. According to the latest vaccination data, the spread of coronavirus in Europe is reducing, and it is driving ease of travel restrictions, said the trade group Airlines for Europe.

While the US carriers like the united airlines holdings, Delta airlines, and American airlines group Inc are making huge profits from transatlantic routes, ticket sales are expected to grow 18% in the US as compared to April, and it is the fifth straight month of growth.

UK plan

Those people who are fully vaccinated or prove they have recently recovered from the virus will be able to internal travel within the bloc.  From July 1st, the digital covid-19 certificate holders can move freely from anywhere in 27 member states in the UK, 14 days after the last shot. The UK is also planning to allow quarantine free travel for the people with the covid-19 vaccine certificate, and it will boost the economics of southern Europe. It is expected that the airlines will be profitable by this decision.

The travel restrictions had a huge impact on the global economy, and with time it is starting to grow. But due to a new variant of the coronavirus, some countries still imposing travel restrictions. These countries are trying to increase the vaccination process as soon as possible.

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