Delta variant of coronavirus raises in Russia again

After the alpha Variant, which was the initial phase of coronavirus, a new variant of the virus has become a major concern for Russia. The Russian government has approved the use of three types of vaccines as effective and safe. Russia was the first to start the vaccination process; still, people were scared about the side effects.  And that is why the vaccination process is too slow, as people were in doubt about the effectiveness of this vaccine.

Due to the slow rate of vaccination, the virus cases again starting to rise in Russia. Despite the assurances from president Putin that the worst had passed.  The rising in coronavirus cases has come as a surprise, and the senior officials don’t have any idea about it.

A new variant of the coronavirus, that is, the delta variant, is now spreading in Russia. Delta variant is even more dangerous than the initial phase virus.  And it is causing major health problems, and the death rate is higher compared to the alpha variant of the virus. According to the Russian virus experts, the Delta variant first came from India, and now it is spreading in Moscow.

Russia is struggling again Delta variant

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the local media on Friday that 89.3% of new cases of coronavirus in the city include the delta variant. The delta variant outbreak of the virus is more in Moscow, where the cases have tripled in 14 days. City officials have added 5000 new beds to deal with this situation.  On Friday, the health authorities of Moscow reported 9,056 positive tests, and it was the highest number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Russia reported a total of 123,853 deaths from the covid-19 pandemic, but the real number is far higher, according to statistics. Even though Russia was the first country which came up with a vaccine, till now, only 9.9% population is fully vaccinated, compared to 44% of Americans.

Russia is now mandating vaccines for the people working in restaurants. City authorities on Friday announced the requirement of vaccine proof of customers at restaurants and bars that are open later than 11 pm. Vaccine passport is the new concept to control the crowd. Other countries are also taking steps to deal with the delta variant of the virus.  The vaccination process is going on at full speed, and the government is providing digital certificates as proof. The vaccine is the only solution to deal with the virus, according to the officials

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