Deadly Mexico City Train Crash Caused Due to Construction Flaws

In the month of May 2021, a deadly collapse of the Mexico City Metro Overpass happened. A preliminary report on this matter has discovered that the cause for the incident is the flaws of construction. The Head of the public works department of the city, Jesús Esteva, said that several deficiencies had been found in the structural supports along the line and in the building materials. More reports will come out in the upcoming months about the terrible collapse that occurred on May 3.

Around 26 people lost their lives in the incident, and this led to a strong protest in the Mexican Capital. The protests also put pressure on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire allies. The billionaire’s construction company Grupo Carso was involved in the construction of the train line that collapsed. The crash occurred near the Olivos station around 22:00 local time on the metro line 12.  The Golden Line or Line 12 was constructed with a cost of around $1.2 billion and about 70% more than the original planning.

Claudia Sheinbaum, the Mexico City Mayor, said that a special team would be made for repairing and reinforcing the metro line. Earlier, she has faced numerous criticisms about the maintenance of the line. A local labor union told previous warning about the damage was ignored by the city authorities.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is also under the spotlight as he was the City Mayor during the time of the construction in 2012 and directed the construction of the route. Mr. Ebrard defended in a statement that the way his mayoral administration supervised the construction process of the line. He said that a broader inquiry is needed to look into the decision-making process of its supervision, design, and maintenance. President López Obrador said that those who are responsible for the collapse would be punished.

Reason for the Metro Crash

In a probe about the incident, the Norwegian Auditor DNV discovered that there were six major flaws were there in the construction. The deficiencies included unfinished or badly executed welding and missing bolts on some girders. The fractures and the deformations in the support beams of that particular section were also a reason for the collapse, as per the experts. The two phases of the report of DNV are going to be released in July and August. Prosecutors are continuing their investigation about the incident but are yet to publish their findings.

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