US presidents called Putin “one cold dude”

Joe Biden prepares for his first-ever summit meeting with Vladimir Putin. Biden has called Putin “a killer.” And he also added, “We look at only what’s in the mind of predecessors of Putin. When Bill Clinton was the US president, he hung up the call after congratulating Vladimir Putin after becoming president of Russia in 1999. He thought Putin was tough enough to keep Russia together.

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Clinton has a good connection with Putin’s mentor Boris, who found him cold, but then he also wrote that “Yeltsin made a good decision on choosing a skilled successor who has the capacity to manage Russia’s political and economic life. Far better than Yeltsin now could.”

Far before George W. Bush was elected, he called the Russian president “one cold dude.” He further said Putin is very committed to his country.

Bush was very touched by the story of Putin about how a cross given by his mother was the only thing to survive in the fire ad his country house. However, his vice president Cheney was unmoved when he first saw Putin in Soviet secret service in which Putin was once a part.

But the relationship didn’t last long because Bush told Danish that Putin is not well informed, and it feels like arguing with a kid of 8th grade. So Putin tried to defend himself by saying he won’t listen to anything about lectures on democracy during a joint press conference with the US leader.

Bush also revealed that he nearly lost his temper during a meeting with the Russian president. Bush said, “at a point, I was so mad that I reached near the table to slap the hell out of Putin because he had mocking tone while talking about America.”

The relationship between the US and Russia is the coolest after Obama took over as the president of America. 

Obama said that he has a good relationship with the reporters in an interview. Again Donald Trump made an excellent effort to maintain this good relationship with Putin.

In this memoir, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates wrote that he saw a stone-cold killer when he met Putin in 2007.

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