US, Canada to lift border restrictions- report

Canadian and U.S. officials are all set to meet on Tuesday to talk about what to do about covid-19 border restrictions between them, but it will not come into action immediately. This is because business leaders of the U.S. and Canada have raised their voices against the ban on non-essential travel. This ban was imposed on March 20202, and this ban is renewed on a monthly basis.

Even though the pandemic restrictions will end on June 22, it is likely to be extended by U.S. and industry officials. U.S. expert with Canada, European Union, and Mexico to decide how safe it’d be to restart the travel after 15 months of the pandemic.

Covid-19 restrictions to stay for longer.

A discussion about this topic is all set to occur with Mexico this week, and meetings with European Union and the United Kingdom are set for next week, but the timing may differ. Due to U.S. restrictions, most non-US citizens are restricted who are in the U.K. Reuters revealed that U.S. officials are not thinking of lifting the restrictions until July 4.

Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau discussed this matter on Sunday with Joe Biden. They talked about lifting the restrictions, but no clear decision has been made. However, last week Canada took a step forward to lift quarantine rules for fully vaccinated citizens returning home in the first week of July.

The spread of coronavirus is getting severe in some regions, and the new variant of the virus is more dangerous than the initial one, and the symptoms are severe. This variant is called Delta and is located in China, India, and other regions. According to the official’s vaccine is the only solution to this problem, although some countries have imposed lockdown again.

Now all the countries are taking precautions against the delta variant of the various. The deadly variant of the second wave virus of the covid-19 pandemic ruined the UK PM Boris Johnson’s plan to lift the lockdown from June 21, and the date was further pushed to July 19 on Monday due to dangerous dominance of Delta variant. New cases of this new virus are reported in this country.

The newly muted Delta Variant has become a significant concern for all countries, and that is why there is no confirmation on lifting the lockdown restrictions on the U.S. and Canada border.

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