Largest incursion yet by Chinese air force- Taiwan reports

On Tuesday, the island’s Government reported entering twenty-eight aircraft of Chinese air, including nuclear-capable bombers and fighters, to Taiwan’s ADIZ (Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. The Government said it was the most significant incursion to date.

There was no sudden comment of Beijing on this matter, but this news came after the seven leaders reported a joint statement on Sunday. They were scolding China for not understanding the meaning of peace and stability, and they comment on China as “slander.”

China being a threat.

The Chinese said Taiwan had registered complaints over the last few months of missions by China’s Air Force near the self-ruled island. It is concentrated in the southwestern area of the air defense, and it is located near Taiwan’s Pratas islands.

In the recent Chinese mission, china involved 14 J-16 and sex J-7 fighters, four H-6 bombers that can carry nuclear weapons, electronic warfare and early warning aircraft, and anti-submarine said the defense ministry of Taiwan.

Since the beginning of the air Force activities in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone last year, it was the daily highest incursion by China. It broke the previous record of 25 aircraft on April 12. The ministry also said that They had sent Taiwanese aircraft of defense to warn the Chinese aircraft, and the missiles helped monitor their movements.

According to a map ministry provided the Chinese aircraft in the area close to the Pratas Islands, the bombers are some other fighters located in the southern part of Taiwan. And they were very close to the bottom too of the island. But the defense ministry of China didn’t reply to anything about this.

Before the Chinese ministry gave a hint about missions necessary to protect the country’s sovereignty, China has described Taiwan and a sensitive region, and the United States should not cross the limit. As a result, China has become a threat to all the countries, and in the recent summit, NATO declared china as a global threat. But Government of some countries is asking to be patient with the judgment as China is a business partner of many nations.

Like most countries with no diplomatic Tues with Taiwan, the United States watched tension with China. Therefore, the Taiwan ministry will be forced to take serious actions in case of major incursion.

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