Ease of covid-19 restrictions in European countries

The number of coronavirus cases has been stated to decline in the European region, and they have decided to ease restrictions, and the parliament of Europe also approved the use of digital covid-19 certificates to travel in the European Union. The world health organization has warned that the world is not out of danger yet and asked the Europeans to travel carefully during the holidays. The delta Variant concern is not a big issue, and UK prime minister delayed the ease of restrictions in England due to this. The restrictions in England increased until July 19.

Here is a restriction scenario in the countries


In England, the restrictions have been increased to July 19; however, there will be few relaxations starting from June 21. The number of wedding guests is not limited to 30, and other events such as music, sports, and art will continue with a limited number of people. But the restaurants can only provide table service with 50% capacity.


In France, the restrictions have been eased from 9 am to 11 pm, and after that, the restrictions will be placed till 6 am. A certificate is needed for work, flights, train, or other emergency services. Apart from that, cinemas and theaters will function with 65% seating capacity, whereas restaurants will function with full capacity for outdoor seating, and for indoor, it will be 50 percent.


In Spain, a new system was introduced for the restrictions by the government. The regions are divided on the risk scale from one to five. The risk factor will be decided according to the 14-day case rate of the hospital and beds occupied by the covid-19 patients.


Italy is in a much better place, and it follows four colored scales for risk. Most of the region is not a red zone with minimum restrictions, but eight regions are in the yellow area with fewer restrictions. 

The regions marked with white regions have no restrictions. On April 26, the restaurants, cinemas, hotels were partially reopened.


In Scotland, most of the areas were at risk level one on June 5. It means there will be fewer restrictions on the restaurants, theaters, and other services. One hundred people can be allowed to the wedding and funerals, and 12 adults can meet with social distancing.


According to the recent news, the government decided on a 10- day isolation for the people entering Denmark, and one June 4, and it is open for fully vaccinated people.

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