The new “Elden Ring” gameplay trailer wreaks havoc amongst gamers

In the latest Summer Game Fest, which was live-streamed, several games were shown to be launched in the coming days. These included the next installments of many popular video games. However, the stealer of the entire show was Elden Ring- the much-waited video game whose trailer ended the show. FromSoftware and Groff Keighley did a marvelous job by keeping the trailer’s streaming at the last of the entire Fest’s schedule. It built the much-impending curiosity in the gamers.

Since the trailer isn’t released for public view yet, it can be a heartbreaking factor for many. But those who have seen the streaming cannot contain their excitement for the launch of Elden Ring. It is one of those epic video games that come with the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry completely.

Elden Ring comes from the mastered developers of Dark Souls. However, the graphics and gameplay are written by George R.R. Martin- the head behind the Game of Thrones installment. Since the game is not yet out for play, it can’t be truly predicted how much impact Martin’s storytelling will have on the game. However, the speculation didn’t allow the excitement and thrill to die down. Instead, it amplified feelings further, and now, gamers from all over the world are waiting for the definite release of the game.

It’s a narrative video game, as could be seen from the trailer. However, the narration seemed to be similar to that of Cryptic Souls. So, it’s going to be enjoyable. The trailer also focused on some of the game’s popular characters, including the heroes, the villains, and other side players.

Mounts are there in the game, as could be seen from the trailer. Unfortunately, they aren’t the usual horses used in video games. Much information couldn’t be gathered from the trailer about the mounts other than the fact that they can climb up high walls and take big but scary leaps in the air.

The gameplay seems quite realistic from the trailer, with ark backgrounds, scary scenes, and the heroes carrying firearms to ward off the evils. The entire gameplay is not known yet. But it is expected that the heroes will have a chance to exchange weapons and make some dramatic kills throughout the missions.

There are a series of different villains which the players will encounter as the game progresses. But not to worry! If you are a master in playing games like Dark Souls, Elden Ring will be a piece of cake for you, or so the developers think. However, there are some aspects in the entire game which have made it an epic release. And unless the game is launched in public, it can’t be known for sure what these unique elements are.

Gamers worldwide are hoping for demanding and challenging missions with graphics and narrations that can keep them engaged. We all expect from the depth of our hearts that Elden Ring will bring the much-needed trend in the gaming industry, as could be observed from the trailers shown at the Summer Fest.

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