The 2021 solar eclipse showed the true magnificence of the sun

The last Thursday has been a happy and cheerful day for all Canadians. After almost a millennia, seeing such a cosmic event from nearly all parts of the country is a sight to behold. On Thursday, when the world experienced an annular solar eclipse, Canada saw the event occurring as the sun and the moon aligned themselves to create the eclipse.

The event happened around 6 AM. So it was the early risers who witnessed the event happening. In parts from Nunavut, northern Quebec, and Ontario saw the moon’s real shadow falling on the sun’s sphere. It caused a black hole to appear in the sky. But unlike normal eclipses, this time, Canadians were able to witness a glowing, fiery ring of the sun’s Corona surrounding the black hole.

The sight was truly a majestic experience for many, especially the children. Solar eclipses are hard to watch completely. And it was an Annular solar eclipse. So definitely, as expected, it was going to be extraordinary in comparison to the normal eclipses.

Apart from Canada, several other countries like the US, Russia, and others were able to view the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, the event was not visible from the southern hemisphere, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

In an Annular solar eclipse, the moon is at the farthest point from the earth in its orbit. So, as it moves in between earth and the sun, it casts a partial shadow. It can also be termed as a black ball against a huge ball of fiery red and orange. This is why surrounding the entire black ball was a fiery glow ring of the sun’s outer surface, i.e., the Corona.

Several photos have been released by the space centers and press companies, which tracked the entire event from start to end. The pictures are truly breathtaking and completely remarkable. Besides, some people have even shared their own clicks on social media. A man in Canada clicked one of the most popular images that became a sensation.

In the picture, it was shown that the moon had eaten the sun in half, causing a shape of a boomerang. It was spectacular, and the post received lots of praises from all over the earth. It was the first solar eclipse of 2021. And amidst the pandemic strict restrictions and other problems, the solar eclipse definitely eased the tension by a bit.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels have been flooded with several videos and pictures of the Annular solar eclipse of 2021. Even though it lasts for a few minutes only, the moon’s slow movement allowed people to capture every phase of transition perfectly without any edit works.

The entire event has now been recorded on many’s mobiles and cameras. The day will be remembered as one of the milestones in the book of geography and astronomy. As per the officials from NASA, such an Annular solar eclipse happened almost after decades, making it more special.

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