Swiss Voters rejected Switzerland’s Policy on Key climate change measures

The policy of Switzerland towards combating climate change seems doubtful after the voters discarded the crucial measures through much-buzzed voting. A referendum witnessed voters marginally discarding the plan of the government for a car fuel tax and adding tax to air tickets. The purpose behind the measures was to let Switzerland attain a target as per the Paris Agreement regarding climate change.

There are many voters who appeared to shown worries regarding the effect on economy as the nation puts its effort towards getting over of Covid-19. Opponents too figured out about Switzerland being responsible for just 0.1 percent global emission, at the same time expressing their qualms that the policies of such would be helpful for the environment.

The voting was done as per the direct democracy, a Switzerland’s system resulted in 49 percent in their favor and 51 percent against. The government of Switzerland aims at lowering the emission by 50% of that in 1990, by the year 2030.A couple of more votes of national level on similar environment issues were defeated as well, though it was expected to be in favor.

Experts claiming it a massive shock

Imogen Foulkes of BBC News claims that a no-vote towards controlling emission is a massive shock. The plan of lowering greenhouse gases by 50% of that was in 1990, by 2030, upon combining a higher number of renewable and putting taxes upon fossil fuels. Rejection made by the voters undermines the entire strategy of Switzerland to meet with Paris Agreement. The result of today is quite shocking for the environmentalists, as per Foulkes.

According to analysts, those who would feel proud being part of green policy are now dubious of taking any risk on economy when the nation on recovery mode from the Covid-19. Foulkes claims that the government should reconcile, considering that Switzerland lags behind the neighbor of it about handling climate change. A proposal to make artificial pesticides outlawed and the other towards enhancing drink water upon subsidizing explicitly to those farmers avoiding chemicals got 61 percent voted down.

Supporters had figured out a concerning level of pesticide percent in water, putting an adverse effect on plants, insects, as well as animals. However, farmers put a warning that such proposals would affect their business. Voting was also conducted on initiatives like legislation against anti-terrorism and urgent funding towards Covid-19.

Proposals of making police more powerful towards confronting terrorism and raising funds for COVID-affected businesses were approved. Direct democracy system of Switzerland means entire decisions in Alpine countries are obtained at ballot box. Campaigners just have to collect 100k signatures for confirming vote across the nation.

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