Naftali Bennet Became the New Israel Prime Minister and Benjamin Netanyahu Out

Naftali Bennet, a multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur who made his name in politics with hardline religious-nationalist rhetoric, will become the new Prime Minister of Israel after the parliament approved a new government on June 13. Benjamin Netanyahu lost his hold on power of 12 years in Israel. Right-wing nationalist Mr. Bennet has sworn in as prime minister while leading a government of change. Bennet will lead a new coalition of parties that got approved with a majority of 60-59. He will remain as the prime minister till September 2023 as part of a strong power-sharing deal. He will then hand over the power to the leader of the centrist YeshAtid, Yair Lapid, for a further two years.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving leader of Israel who dominated the political landscape for years, will now remain as the right-wing head of the Likud Party and become an opposition leader. During the debate in the parliament of Israel, the Knesset, he promised that they would be back. After the voting process was completed, Mr. Netanyahu walked over to Bennet and shook his hand. Netanyahu’s government is the broadest government ever in Israel, but that could also make it the unstable one. Naftali Bennet will have to go through the difficulty of holding the parties together. The US president Joe Biden also sent his congratulations to Bennet, saying that he will be looking forward to strengthening the bilateral relationship.

New PM Vows for Uniting the Nation

The new prime minister Naftali Bennet has pledged to unite the nation unraveled by four elections in just two years of political stalemate. Mr. Bennet said that his government would proceed to work for the sake of the nation’s people. He further added that the priorities would be bringing reforms in health, education, and cutting red tape. He said in his speech that it is not the day of mourning, and there is just a government change in a democracy. They will do everything they can so that nobody has to remain afraid. He said that there is no need to celebrate on pain of others. They are not enemies, and they all are one people.

Palestine’s representative reacted dismissively to the news of Israel’s new government. The spokesman for the President of Palestine said that it is an internal affair of Israel and their position always remained clear about the need for a Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 with Jerusalem as capital.

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