Moscow to give free cars to srpeed up the vaccination process

On Sunday, Moscow’s Mayor declared that the city would give free cars to the people who get the covid-19 dose. People can win cars in a prize draw, and this decision was taken to speed up the vaccination amid coronavirus.

Since December 24, Moscow reported the highest number of new single covid-19 cases that is 7,704. Nationwide the 15,723 cases were reported, and it is the highest one-day total since February 13. The Mayor declared to the residents on Saturday to take a week off from work to reduce the spread of the virus. According to him, speeding up the vaccination process is the only way to fight against coronavirus. And staying at home is the only temporary solution for now.

Great initiative by the Russian government

The Mayor, Sergei obtain, said that only a few people had chosen to take the vaccine. On May 21 that only 1.3 million out of a population of 12 million had received only one dose of covid-19 vaccine. To boost the demand for the vaccination process, the Mayor said if anyone who’s over 18 who gets both of the doses of the vaccine from June 14 until July 11 will get a chance to enter into a draw to win a car. He also said the five cars would be distributed every week. The car’s worth will be 1 million roubles that he. $13,900 each to the winner.

Russia was the first country in the globe that approved a covid-19 vaccine for use before large-scale trials. The vaccination process began in December, and it was opened up for everyone in Moscow. According to the data, some rumors stopping people from the vaccination process. As Russia was the first country, people are scared about the side effects.

The Mayor has taken a great step towards speeding up the vaccination process. All the people around the world appreciate this effort from the government. It is expected that this effort will positively impact young people, and it surely will drive the COVID-19 vaccine process.

The rapid spread of coronavirus has become a big problem for all the countries worldwide. And many countries are going through the second wave of covid-19. Doctors around the world believe the vaccine is the only solution to this problem; that is why the government of all countries is targeting to finish vaccination by December. Everyone is hoping for a positive result very soon after the post-vaccination process.

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