MIS-C is more likely to affect black Hispanic or Latino Americans

The coronavirus pandemic did not bring just COVID-19. A number of associated illnesses have emerged, typically affecting the individuals who have suffered from COVID-19. Among them, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) deserves a special mention. Recent studies have revealed that Black Hispanic and Latino Americans are significantly more vulnerable to it. While this may seem odd, the experts have offered a number of reasons behind it.

What is the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)?

The Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) is a syndrome that seems to have links with the coronavirus. In most cases, children only suffer a mild illness after going through COVID-19. However, some children may develop MIS-C. This is a medical condition that severely affects various parts of the body. MIS-C can affect key organs, such as the brain, kidneys, heart, eyes, the digestive system, etc. Many Black Hispanic, and Latino Americans have also suffered its effects on different tissues and blood vessels.

The condition results in an inflammation of the organs and tissues. The symptoms, however, depending on which part of the body the syndrome affects. There is a reason why the experts consider MIS-C to be a syndrome instead of a disease. Other than the fact that it occurs in children who survived coronavirus and some of the symptoms, we do not know much about MIS-C yet. Even the cause and the risk factors of the condition remain unknown. However, one thing is clear: Black Hispanic and Latino Americans are much more vulnerable to it than white children.

What have the studies revealed?

Quite naturally, studies regarding coronavirus and other related ailments have taken place already. The studies on MIS-C have shown it to be a rare yet serious condition. The studies particularly covered individuals aged under 21 years. Among every one million individuals in this age group, only 316 have suffered from MIS-C.

In a study that covered 248 children in the US, it turned out that the number of Black Hispanic and Latino Americans suffering from MIS-C is four times the number of white children who contracted it. This is essential, a significant difference in the chances of developing MIS-C.

What is the reason behind such a difference?

The researchers have revealed that there is likely no link between the higher probability of people of color falling sick to coronavirus and that of developing MIS-C. Past studies have shown that Black Hispanic and Latino Americans are more likely to require hospitalization or even die due to COVID-19. However, the increased likelihood of contracting MIS-C seems to have other reasons. As per experts, this is largely due to differences in social, environmental, and economic conditions. Poorer conditions in these aspects always tend to result in higher chances of developing complex medical conditions.

The researchers are carrying out further studies and tests to get a better understanding of the syndrome. The chances are that new studies would help shed light on its causes and develop preventive measures. If there are genetic reasons behind black children being more vulnerable, we might become aware of those too.

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