Kamala Harris- the first female VP to set milestones for the coming Vice Presidents

The first female Vice President of the United States of America- Kamala Harris- has been under constant scrutiny since the day she took the oath. The moment her video congratulating Biden on his win went viral, Harris has become one of the sensational figures in the world, especially after what Trump said about women not being suitable for political roles.

Being the Vice President, Kamala Harris’s regular job would be to check over the President’s health every morning. And also, her work details entail her to be the mediator between the senators and the House of Representatives.

When America’s Book of Constitution was penned down, the political heads of the time decided to give the Vice president one of the most important roles of being the President of the Senate. As per this role, it will be the responsibility of the VP to establish peaceful and unbiased rules and decisions between the different houses of the Senate.

However, people are wondering whether or not Kamala Harris will abide by the books and follow what her role expects from her. From her reactions during her first foreign visit to Guatemala, many speculations have arisen regarding what kind of Vice President she will be. As the world has seen, Kamala Harris is a strong personality, a woman of color, having both Indian and American origin as her genetic background.

Right before the presential election, the US saw some serious violence against black people. Protests and rallies were organized to seek justice for the dead black people who were innocents. And right after the craze died down by a bit, a woman of color was declared vice president. Now no one is sure whether it’s a pure coincidence or not. But many Americans are seen admiring Harris for her exceptional personality, straightforward nature, and stern behavior.

During her visit to Guatemala, Harris was given a warm welcome that she indeed deserves. She even attended a wonderful evening with female entrepreneurs and was the embodiment of women’s empowerment; she encouraged the females over a heartfelt dinner. But what caught the attention of the world, especially her country’s fellow citizens, was her stern reply to the press about illegal border entries to the US being punishable.

Even when she was in a foreign country to build friendship between the two nations, she already warned the world about how US is going to change rules to stop the several illegal activities going around.

Right now, it is transparent that the vice presidency roles have changed. Now, the Vice President is expected to take stands on essential matters concerning the country, be it any economic decision or protests against the White House. And luckily, Kamala Harris has taken on her job quite seriously. Being the first woman VP is already difficult for her as she is being scrutinized for every action.

But as Harris said, US is going to change and come back as the number one power in the world. On every occasion, it has been observed how she supports Biden and takes crucial roles with a tough attitude and authoritarian personality- just the right mix of things all the Americans need.

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