Geoffrey Edelsten Passes Away on 11th June

Geoffrey Edelsten, the former owner of the Sydney Swans football club, passed away on 11th June. As per the police, the death does not seem suspicious. However, the police would be preparing the report for the coroner. Mr. Edelstein died at his St. Kilda Road apartment in the afternoon. He left behind a mixed reputation, with some people praising him and others slandering.

The parents of Geoffrey Edelsten were Jewish migrants. Mr. Edelstein was born in Carlton and went to the University of Melbourne. He graduated in 1966 and later worked as a resident at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Eventually, he became a general practitioner. Together with a colleague, Geoffrey Edelsten set up a practice in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Mr. Edelstein later became the owner of several 24-hour GP super clinics. His clinics typically attracted bulk-billed patients. The clinics of Geoffrey Edelsten were grand in design, with chandeliers and pianos in the waiting rooms. However, he lost his spot on the NSW medical register in 1988 due to professional misconduct. Later on, Mr. Edelstein turned out to be guilty of hiring a hitman to assault one of his former patients. This caused him to land up in jail.

Mr. Edelstein claimed to be bankrupt in 2014, in the US as well as Australia. Despite his financial difficulties, Geoffrey Edelsten remained a prominent personality all along. Upon saving the Sydney Swans football club when they were going through a complex financial crisis, he termed himself their ‘White Knight.’ Some of the players who used to play in his club have plenty of good things to say about Mr. Edelstein. His players loved Geoffrey Edelsten, and many of them owe a lot.

Especially in the 1980s, Mr. Edelstein became particularly popular due to the unconventional and flamboyant lifestyle that he led. His career proved to be controversial, and he faced severe failures numerous times. Despite this, Geoffrey Edelsten always seemed to recover from his losses and continue to lead a lavish lifestyle. Eventually, he owned a fleet of expensive cars, helicopters, and mansions.

One of the reasons that kept him in the spotlight of the media despite his failures and bankruptcy was the various relationships that he had with young women. In 1988, he married Leanne Nesbitt, a model. However, this marriage lasted for only three years. In 2009, Geoffrey Edelsten married Brynne Gordon, an American fitness instructor. Brynne Gorton was younger than him by forty years. This marriage ended in just four years.

During the Melbourne Cup, soon after his second marriage had ended, Mr. Edelstein got into a relationship with Gabi Grecko, an American model. She was 46 years younger than Mr. Edelstein. Yet again, the relationship ended relatively fast. Several public spats took place between them, in addition to the infidelity claims that Gabi Grecko leveled at him.

For sure, Geoffrey Edelsten led a colorful lifestyle, career, and social life. But, despite the various slurs against his name, he remained a popular figure, and his club would remember him for the years to come.

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