Epic games offers Control for free for a week

With the mega sale 2021 on at Epic Games, Control is available for free until 17th June 2021. Control is a supernatural thriller game that Remedy Entertainment has developed. The game has already become quite a hit due to the one-of-a-kind experience that it offers. The mega sale is indeed an excellent opportunity to try it out. All one has to do is create a free account on Epic Games, visit the store and claim the game by 17th June.

What is the game all about?

The story of the game Control takes place in a rather paranormal world. The protagonist, Jesse Faden, is the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). This bureau happens to be a secret agency in the US that study and contain phenomena that can break the laws of reality. A dangerous enemy named Hiss, has entered reality and corrupted it. Playing as Jesse Faden, the player would have to defeat Hiss. For gamers who love rich storylines and action-packed experiences, getting this game from Epic Games would certainly pay off.

The protagonist has special psychic abilities, especially of throwing objects around her. Using these supernatural powers, the player would have to progress through the game. In order to gain various special abilities, the player needs to collect Objects of Power. The FBC has recovered these items from places that have been the center of paranormal events. They carry energies from another dimension. Getting a copy of Control from Epic Games would allow one to enjoy a whole new concept.

What makes this game special?

Quite evidently, Control stands out amidst the range of games that Epic Games is offering. Apart from the engrossing storyline and the action-packed experience, several other factors make this game special.

Among the games that have come out so far, Control is one of the first to utilize the real-time ray tracing that the modern video cards come integrated with. Ray tracing delivers excellent visual realism. This rendering technique creates images by tracing the path of light in the form of pixels. It also stimulates various effects when the ray encounters other virtual objects. Gamers who have a taste for great graphics and new VFX techniques would want to visit the Epic Games Store to get this game.

In order to add realism to the game, Remedy Entertainment has integrated it with live-action footage and voice work from prominent artists like MarttiSuosalo, Matthew Porretta, and James McCaffrey. The band, Poets of the Fall has created additional music for the game too. In addition to the careful design of the game, such as the brutalist architectural designs, these help to create the perfect ambiance.

The mega sale on Epic Games is indeed the perfect time to get some of the top-grossing games. Apart from getting Control for free, one can also enjoy great discounts and coupons on other games. If you are into gaming, it is certainly advisable to visit the Epic Games store and make the most of this golden opportunity.

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