Due to rabies risk, US bands dogs from more than 1000 countries

On Monday the. US health officials announced a ban of one year on bringing in dogs from more than 100 countries. Due to the spread of rabies, the heal officials have taken this decision.

If the dogs are coming from these countries, then they need proof of rabies vaccination. The main reason behind the ban was the increasing number of dogs denied entry for the rabies vaccination because they weren’t old enough to be fully vaccinated, said the centers for disease control. The ban will go into effect on July 14. The president of the American veterinary medical association has appreciated the decision.

Great Initiative by the US health officials

One of the veterinarians in La Crosse says, “We only want to make sure that we are only bringing healthy dogs into the country.” This ban is imposed on the dogs returning to or coming into the country. The ban is applied to every dog, whether it is a pet or for sale or adoption. So, for example, if a person goes with his dog for a vacation among those 100 countries won’t be able to bring the dog back to the US, inlet the dog spend six months in a rabies-free country or a country with no high risk for rabies.

More than 1 million dogs are brought into the country each year, and the ban will only apply to 4-7.5 %. In addition, according to officials, in some cases, an exception will be made, such as for guide dogs of blind people can move permanently to the US with their pets.

Recently, dogs from three countries are banned. These countries are Russia, Colombia, and Ukraine. But other high-risk countries have banned rabies. In most cases, the rejection was due to fraud paperwork that shows the dogs were older than four months. Dogs younger than four months are not allowed to take rabies vaccine because it will have no impact before the right age.

Rabies can be fatal for both humans and dogs, and it is often caused by a virus that comes through the central nervous system, and an infected animal is a common reason for spread. There is no cure for rabies once it starts its symptoms. The only vaccine that can help to stop the spread of it. To eliminate a risk amidst coronavirus, the US health officials have taken this decision.

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