China’s latest variant of coronavirus is more dangerous than before

As a dangerous variant of the coronavirus has become a significant problem in China. According to the doctors, they are finding new symptoms of this new variant of the coronavirus. These symptoms are far more dangerous than the initial version of the virus that started spreading in 2019 in the central city of Wuhan.

In this variant of coronavirus, the patients are becoming sicker, and their conditions are much worse. This virus is rapidly damaging the body of the patient. In Four out of five symptomatic cases, the virus causing fevers, and doctors said they are not sure of how it is compared with previous cases. The concentration of the virus in the patient’s body is higher than previously, reducing very slowly, said the doctor.

12% of patients have become severely Ill due to this virus, and that too within 3 to 4 days of symptoms—this new variant of the coronavirus is located in Guangzhou. At first, the percentage was 2-3%, but it went up to 10% after some time. Apart from China, the doctors in Britain and Brazil have also registered similar cases with a new variant of coronavirus. However, the doctors have not said anything about the severity yet.

A major concern for all nations

This dangerous variant of the coronavirus was first identified in India, and it increased the death rate; now, it has become a big concern for Britain. Here, the doctors said that this virus is more contagious z and it may only impact some people who have taken only one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. The world health organization has labeled this variant of coronavirus as a “ Variant of concern.”

The new variant of the coronavirus virus was named Delta. Delta’s speed in China has grabbed more attention on the effectiveness of the vaccine. However, data is not clear about how many people are suffering from the new infection who had been vaccinated. In some countries, the Chinese-made vaccine is not working properly, the cases are still rising, and it has developed a severe illness in some people.

Some regions in the world are still struggling to do covid-19 tests. Southwestern China using its local production of chemicals for the testing process. According to data, they have conducted 18 million tests in Guangzhou and 7 million in the adjacent city of Foshan. The pandemic is not over yet, said the director of the Municipal health commission of Guangzhou.

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