China is now a global security challenge: NATO leaders

On Monday, the NATO leaders announced china a constant security challenge. The NATO leaders also stated the Chinese are working to dominate the global order. According to a summit statement, the leaders stated that China’s goals behavior shows challenges to the rules-based international orders. These leaders also say China has become a challenge to the areas of alliance security.

Biden stepped up his efforts to talk about China’s human rights records, and its business practices, and the bad behavior of its military that is creating a problem for US allies in the Pacific. Heads of 39 States didn’t call China a rival, but they were concerned about China’s “coercive policies,” and the way it is misusing its armed forces, and the use of disinformation. They asked Beijing to act responsibly in the international system.

Cyberattack being a major concern

President Biden spent his eight-day trip in Europe with a motive to work closely with the Russian president Vladimir Putin with his government’s treatment. Biden talked about various problems, including cyber attacks from Russia that have targeted government and private companies around the world.

Angela Merkel, who is the German chancellor, also said things about NATO’s decision to call China a threat. She said Beijing, like Russia, is a partner, and China is a top trading partner of Germany. Germany is highly dependent on Russia to meet the requirements of the country’s energy needs.

Merkel says, “when you see the hybrid cyberattacks and the corporation between China and Russia, you can’t ignore China,” but she also said to fight the balance because China is also a partner in many problems.

The market also added, “it is always crucial to make political discussion, and political discourse to come up with a solution, but if there are threats to the countries then NATO has to be prepared.”

France’s president Marcon said, “it is important to not have biases and not to scatter our relation to china.”  Biden joined his first-ever NATO summit as the new president of the United States. Biden says,” America is always there, and I want NATO to know it.” Biden received a warm welcome from the leaders with relief.

In the last summit in England in December 2019, Trump created a huge problem by calling two-faced to the Canadian prime minister and nasty to the French president. So this time, it was different with the presence of Biden as the president.

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