Blue-Green algae likely to be responsible for contaminating Grand Lake

Nothing has been confirmed yet that the water of the Grand Lake has likely been contaminated by blue-green algae, which can also cause severe damage to people’s lives if they come in contact with it. Due to this terrifying happening, two innocent dogs have been killed, and a lady has been hospitalized. One dog had accidentally gone into the lake, and the other had just gone near it. The lady went to save the dog but unfortunately couldn’t and had to be hospitalized.

The Nova Scotia’s Department of Environment and Climate Change (Grand Lake NS) staff members have advised the people nearby who use the water regularly to stop the utilization of the Grand Lake water for any purpose which causes them to intake it like brushing, drinking, showering, and swimming. They have even been advised not to go boating in the lake until further notice.

The Grand Lake NS members have taken samples of the water, and the deputy minister Julia Towers has stated that the staff had done a combination tests of the samples they took from the Grand Lake and the Fish lake as both the lakes are connected by a culvert.

Julia Towers has said that they had conducted quick tests for the harmful toxins linked with blue-green algae. The results, however, have come back to be negative. She went on to say that the results are not at all surprising as getting hold of the harmful toxins in tests can be very tricky to be detected.

Towers state that due to the change in the past 2 days of the weather, there were a lot of waves seen in the lake. As a result, there were movements in the lake’s water, and the waves somehow managed to disperse all the evident samples. Towers noticed that the photos of the contaminated lake taken by the responder who went first to the site had a very bright sheen, often associated with blooming algae.

Blue-green algae are also known as cyanobacteria. It is a freshwater alga that blooms naturally. It blooms and grows very rapidly and vastly during summers as the weather conditions become suitable for them to grow as algae-like any other plant responds rapidly to warmth.

For the time being, people in the area who used to use the lake water every day have stopped using it.

Companies like Coca-Cola have come forward in these difficult times to help the people of the area with packaged and bottled water to be used by the people at home. Julia Towers stated that it is beneficial for people to stay as far as possible from the water of the Grand Lake and contact it in any way that would prove to be fatal for a person’s health.

Due to the prevailing situation, all activities like fishing, swimming and boating have been stopped for the time being as since the weather is becoming hotter day by day, and the algae might just continue blooming and expanding its empire.

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