Battlefield 2042 is the new promising multiplayer game with AI bots

After several speculations regarding Battlefield 2042, it’s head design director, Mr Daniel Berlin, and other heads have finally revealed the truth. Unlike the first installment of the single-player shooting game, the new Battlefield 2042 will be focusing on a much broader aspect of video games- multiplayer concepts. He has told the gamers and followers that battlefield 2042 won’t be having any campaigns like they had expected in a press release. Also, no Battle Royal Mode will be there.

This finally raised the question about the specialty of the Battlefield 2042 version. Gamers were truly bewildered by the statement the game’s designers and developers had made. The heads revealed that the new game’s performance would allow 128 players to play simultaneously from PC, Xbox X, Xbox S, and PS5 console. And for those having the PS4 or the Xbox 1 can play in groups of 64 players each.

Besides, a game’s round can be initiated against the game’s bot itself, which is based on artificial technology. You can play individually or with your friend’s group. But be careful. It’s the AI bot Battlefield 2042 that has been designed around, and hence, the challenge is going to be difficult.

The backdrop is set in a world where a humanitarian crisis is being depicted due to climatic change. The US and the Russian governments have engaged themselves in a full-scale war. In between these battles, the nomadic refugees have been forced to arm themselves up for their protection.

In the press interview, Berlin declared that Battlefield 2040 would not have any narrations like the earlier installments of the game. However, indirect narrations will be told by specialists who will be introduced as one progresses in the game.

Also, as much as Berlin loves the Battle Royal Mode and the thrill that comes with it, the 2042 version will not have it included in the gameplay. Instead, he has been able to raise curiosity in the gamers and followers by saying that they have other things stored in the game which will be equally thrilling, if not more.

The graphics and the game controls are of the same quality. But the other features, like the sceneries, the battle strategies, weapon collections, and the mission difficulties, have been enhanced to a level where players will completely forget about the lack of the Battle Royal mode.

Since no campaigns will be held, players wouldn’t get a glimpse of what’s stored in Battlefield 2042. According to Berlin, everything will be a surprise for the players and followers. The design and development team is now focusing on bringing out the game as soon as possible with no error or glitch in the gameplay.

There is a Battlefield Free version for the players, which will be more interesting. It can be considered as compensation for the absence of the Battle Royal mode. Furthermore, Berlin believes with the inclusion of AI technology in the game; they are going to release a next-gen multiplayer game for those who love to experience the virtual worlds with other players.

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