An extra dose of the Covid-19 vaccine may help the transplant patients

According to a small study, an extra dose of the covid-19 vaccine can be beneficial for an organ transplant patient. In addition, the study shows the extra dose may boost the protection against coronavirus. Many countries are trying to boost the coronavirus vaccination process to fight the virus.

Even most people vaccinated celebrate the return to normalcy, but millions of people who have gone through organ transplantation, cancer, and other problems are confused.

They don’t know how protected they are, and it is hard for the vaccine to provide complete protection against a weak immune system.

Great news for people with the weak immune system

A study on Monday tracked only 30 transplant patients, but it was crucial to find out if an extra dose could help. Among the 30 patients, it didn’t work for everyone. But 24 patients who had no protection after two shots of the vaccines, one third means 8 of them developed a better virus-fighting immune system after 3rd dose, the researcher reported in annals of internal medicine. Six of the patients with very low antibodies showed a huge growth from the third dose.

This is indeed great news for all the people worldwide who are suffering from low antibodies even after two doses of the covid-19 vaccine. However, Dr.DorrySegev, who was one of the lead researchers of the study, says, “ the results were encouraging, and just because you haven’t developed antibodies after two doses doesn’t mean that there is no hope.”

This team is going to conduct the research again with a better result with 200 transplant patients this summer. Transplant recipients take powerful immune-suppressing drugs to prevent the rejection of their new organs. That is why transplant patients are extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus. These patients were not included in testing the covid-19 vaccine, but some of the doctors suggested that it would be great to know if the vaccine can give at least some protection.

The Hopkins team recently researched 650 transplant patients. They found that 54% of harbored virus-fighting antibodies are developing in these patients, although it is less than healthy vaccinated people. The US hasn’t allowed people to have an extra dose of vaccine, whereas people in some countries are seeking to have a third dose. Further research is needed to know if the third dose can actually work or not.

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