3 new unlinked COVID-19 cases in Singapore community, Check Details

As the world is affected by Covid cases, we keep hearing different cases in different communities. This Friday, three new cases of this fatal virus have been reported in the Singapore community. All these cases remain unlinked, claimed the state’s Ministry of Health. These cases were discovered through surveillance and remain a key promoter of Guardian outlet of ION Orchard, which is a janitor based at Raffles City Tower along with One Raffles Quay, and a sea crew member which is based on tugboat Marina Ariel.

The statement from the ministry informed that they want to break the chain of transmission by calling a lockdown of all the malls in the city. The ministry announced that the malls would reopen on June 16. The ministry also stated that three of the workers who were reported with the said cases are being investigated now.

The Three Unlinked Cases

As per reports, the Guardian promoter is a local lady of 57 years who is listed as case 64135. She experienced a few symptoms like dry throat and later earache on Monday and Thursday, respectively. With her first symptom, she did not consult any doctor, and later with the second symptom, she got her antigen rapid test and polymerase chain reaction at a nearby polyclinic. She was tested positive in both the tests. However, for her serology test, she was reported negative. The next case is of a janitor who happens to be a 50-year-old Singaporean woman. She works at Complete Campaign solutions and is listed as case 64139.

Her case was reported when she got tested this Thursday, being a surveillance testing for mall cleaners. She tested positive for the virus the very same day, while her serology test was reported with a negative report and N antigen suggesting that she got some early infection. At the same time, she got her first and second dose of vaccination on May 1 and May 29, respectively. The third case was of a sea crew member who is a 38-year-old Indonesian man.

He works with Marina Offshore and is listed as case 64149. As per reports, he got a fever this Monday. However, he did not consult any doctor and later got symptoms like taste and smell issues on Wednesday. Later, he also got chills and headaches the very next day and got some other symptoms on the same day. He visited the hospital to get tested for the virus. He had not disembarked from the said vessel before that. On Friday, his reports came, and he was tested positive for Covid, while his serology result is yet to come.

Imported Cases

Apart from the above reports, around six imported cases also reported, and they were put into quarantine as they reached Singapore. These include three local people from Singapore, while two of them from India and one from the US. The other imported cases are yet to be reported who belong to the crew members coming in the same vessel from Indonesia. They all were tested onboard, but their reports are pending at the moment. There are no other infections being reported from the dormitories of the migrant workers.

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